Extreme fjords carve the western coast, Days are dramatically long or short above the frozen arctic circle, The people are charming and happy. Norway is a happy land and a land of fairytales.

Language : Norwegian          Currency : Norwegian Krone


From international destinations, The capitol Oslo is the easiest and least expensive hub for travel. Fly into the Oslo Airport. From there it’s an easy train into the city center.


While traveling between cities in Norway, the fastest and sometimes least expensive route is by plane. The distances are long and flights are regular. To get the best deals book in advance. The main exception is the train from Oslo to Bergen. It is rated one of the most beautiful train rides in the world.


Oslo is the clean and modern capitol of Norway. The city makes a good starting location to explore both the frozen arctic north, and the dramatic fjords to the west. However, if limited in time we recommend acclimating and moving on.

Here are some recommendations for while you are in the city:

Universitetsgata 2


Stylish and quality coffee shop and lounge. The space is filled with Scandinavian design which is sold alongside the coffee. During the day the space serves coffee, in the evening cocktails.
Fredensborgveien 15A, 0177


If interested in Scandinavian design, come walk through Modern Tribute. See some of the last of Norway’s design before the government ceased support of the design industries when oil was found in the late 1960’s. The collection is well curated and a nice glimpse into the rare and less known of the Scandinavian design countries.
Oslo Central Train Station

Jernbanetorget 1, 154

Oslo, Norway

The Bergen Railway is considered one of the worlds most beautiful train rides. This train line will take you directly from Central Oslo to Bergen. During peak season, it is best to book in advance. In the off season, you can purchase the day of for a discounted fare.


Bergen Tourism Office
Strandkaien 3, 5013

Bergen, Norway

We highly recommend taking a visit to the tourism office in Bergen. The building is interesting and the office workers took the time to listen to us and advise more interesting activities than normal toursl. The office sits along the water right in the center of Bergen. We were recommended taking a short boat tour, walking through the old historic neighborhood, and taking the vernacular up for a good viewpoint.


Turistinformasjonen i Bergen, 5012


This three hour fjord cruise leaves from the water right next to the tourism office. This short ride takes you up to Mostraumen through deep and beautiful Fjords. It makes for a good introduction to Bergen and the Fjords of Norway. We recommend that when you return, walk just a couple of steps over to the fish market. If you are staying somewhere with a kitchen, buy a fish and take it home to cook yourself dinner. When we were there, the woman said to dip it in flour mixed with a little salt, then pan fry it. “Really simple, really good.”




If you have the time and good weather, go see Trolltunga for a two day camping hike. If you are shorter time, equally as impressive and much more accessible is Vøringfossen. Take a whole day driving along the fjords to the falls. There are small cities along the way where you can stop and find lunch. Be prepared, fuel and tole roads are expensive.

To hike to the base of the falls (a little less than a mile or 1.2km), look carefully for the signs as you start the driving ascent up out of the valley to the top of the falls. Park your car on the sideroad by Storegjel, between the 2nd and 3rd tunnel in the Måbødalen valley. Follow the footpath approx. 300 m down the old road. By the turn there is a sign to “Vøringsfossen”, and there the footpath starts down to the river.


Anywhere away from light pollution.
In the heart of rugged mountains and cold harbors is the city, Tromsø. This is one of the best cities to see the Northern Lights. The Northern Lights appear on dark and cloudless nights. The lights are stronger outside of the city without cities and light pollution. In Tromsø we recommend renting a car at the airport. During the days we drove a couple of hours out of the city along the frozen fjords. We picked small towns along the water at random and drove hoping to find interesting and unplanned sights. By night we were a couple of hours away from light pollution and in a good place to see the lights. We were very lucky to see them both nights we were in Tromsø.


This is probably one of the handiest things you could own if you ever travel abroad. Most of your devices can be used in most places in the world with this simple Global Power Adapter. It can plug into more than 175 countries, including most parts of Africa, Asia, Europe (both standard and recessed outlets), the Middle East, New Zealand, North America, and Russia. It has two direct USB ports and a plug. Really, it’s the simplest way to power your devices and not worry.
On a trip like this where you are in and out of trains, planes, cars, long hikes, and short day trips, it’s best to have a super light and easy Day Pack. We packed this super lightweight pack onto of our luggage. It didn’t take up much room or weight. When we got to our lodging, we packed away some water, salted licorice, and an extra sweater and headed right back out. It even has an RFID protecting pocket to keep anybody from stealing your information while you are out and about.
Once out of the main flight, We didn’t want to keep packing everything perfectly every time we changed cities into our tightly packed bags. So, we pulled out this tiny ball and unpacked a small duffle. On trains we were able to have the things we wanted there with us at our my seat while our main bags were locked at the front of the train car.

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