Welcome to Chicago! We are starting something new and exciting. We are now sharing stories and travel tips from some of our favorite places. We thought that the best way to start is from our hometown, Chicago. This city is a place we love to call home, and we think you will really enjoy your visit.


Chicago has two main airports. You can fly into O’Hare International Airport, or Midway International Airport.


From O’hare, you can take the Blue Line Train from inside of the airport, into the Downtown Loop. This is often faster than traffic and is inexpensive.

Chicago has a well developed Train System, Taxis, and Water Taxis.


2657 N Kedzie Ave

Chicago, IL 60647

This modern tavern, in the hip Logan Square, is a nice blend of interesting and sophisticated. Stay here for the food, unique rooms, and the charming atmosphere. Try the chicken and waffles and a glass of whiskey.

From the management: “Please note that our rooms are above an occasionally raucous, often whiskey-fueled tavern, so if you’re extremely sensitive to noise, you may want to consider the overall environment before booking.”

However, the included earplugs and drinks should help you sleep just fine.


1552 N Damen Ave

Chicago, IL 60622

As you exit the Blue Line and through the wooden exit doors, directly under the platform is La Colombe. The trains steel supports frame the coffee shop to give it a special feeling. A unique space, good coffee, and convenient location makes this coffee shop one of our favorites in the city.


1545 N. Damen Ave.
Chicago, Illinois 60622

Where the diner has become a relic of americana, Chicago has managed to keep it current with a variety of interesting and contemporary spaces. The feeling is nostalgic, yet sophisticated.

Dove’s is our favorite example. A fusion of southern and Mexican food makes for an interesting blend of flavors and aesthetic.


837 W Fulton Market

Chicago, IL 60607


The Fulton Meat Market is both the area with the highest concentration of really quality restaurants, as well as an actual living and working meat market. The neighborhood has an interesting mix of working class industrial, and sophisticated dining.

The Publican is a beautiful and open space filled with communal tables, raw materials, and a warm atmosphere. The menu is full of traditional farm style foods using local and seasonal produce.

Make a reservation if possible. If it’s a weekday, you can probably squeeze into the bar, which is actually one of the better seats in the house if you enjoy watching the fast paced kitchen.


875 N Michigan Avenue, 94th Floor

Chicago, IL 60611

One of the two main observation decks. This tower is on the north side of the downtown Loop. You can either pay regular admission to ride up to the observation deck, or if you would rather buy a drink at The Signature Lounge a level lower, you can save yourself admission and often time waiting in lines.

The Loop

The loop is the central core of Chicago. All of the train lines come in, make a loop around, then back to their respective neighborhoods. Ride in and take a walk around the city that developed the first steel skyscraper ever, see some of the best public art in the world, and feel the layers of history in this amazing city. We use this guide as a starting point, and recommend just getting lost between and see what you can find.


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