Lewis N. Clark started over 25 years ago in Chicago, Illinois. The original name, Lewis N. Clark, is a persona tying back to some of the greatest explorers of the great American West. 25 great years later, Lewis N. Clark still stands for exploring and pushing limits in every aspect – from outdoors, to exotic locations, to business travel.


These travel guides were created as a way of continuing the heritage. We send real travelers out to test our real products¬†in real environments. We have created a set of guides to inspire you to get out and push limits. These aren’t your step by step tours, these are footprints of a trip that you can use to explore your own adventure.¬†


Come wander a city with us, climb a mountain with us, or explore an exotic location with us. We are inspired by your adventure as we hope you are by ours!


-Lewis N. Clark